College & Career

The counselors at Mount Saint Charles are here to help students think about and plan for the future. We know that this planning is an ongoing process which can begin as early as middle school and continues right through senior year. Make an appointment with your school counselor today, and let’s get started!

During the college planning process, my daughter’s counselor gave her the freedom to look at any school she desired…Her counselor helped her envision herself at each school, whether it be what social situations would be like, the financial commitment, or how my daughter would fit in academically. Her counselor cared about how my daughter would succeed both emotionally and academically at her school of choice.

Steven and Katey Tillinghast


College Planning Tips

Having a college or career plan before you leave Mount Saint Charles is important, and we are here to help. Click here for tips on getting started.

College & Career Checklist

Want a peek at when things should happen during the college planning phase? Need a checklist to follow to help you navigate your journey? Look no further!

College Open Houses

You have Google, websites, college rankings—so why take the time to attend a college open house? In a word: experience. Here you’ll find all the reasons you can think of to go to an open house.

Financial Aid for College and University

We know how saving with financial aid and scholarships goes a long way, and we’re intent on finding the right fit for you. Weighing your options? Navigating the process? We’re here to help.

Standardized Tests

To help you understand the different exams and how to prepare for them, the Mount Saint Charles school counseling office has prepared this guide to standardized tests, filled with tips and best practices for students and parents.

College Planning FAQ

Everyone has questions about the college choosing, planning, and preparing process, and we’ve collected the most common questions here to help you find answers.

Planning Resources

Connecting students with the best resources for their personal goals is one of our specialties. In our experience, we’ve found a few things that stand out as exceptionally good for most students. Below are links to some of those tools and information.