Parent Support

School counselors are advocates for students and student success, and at Mount, we know that parents can sometimes be our best partners in helping students. We are a team with the same goals in mind – a successful education and future for every Mountie, especially yours.

Mount’s counselors has been with us every step of the way. From organizing helpful group meetings to focus on things like Naviance, the SAT process and scholarships to being available for more personalized one-on-one discussions with our family regarding our daughters unique process – we have felt totally supported. We feel very grateful and blessed to have counselers who care so deeply about each students success!

Diane Davenport


Partnering with Parents

Mount Saint Charles school counselors work to build strong relationships with students and their parents from the very beginning.

Parents are experts on their children and know them better than anyone else, and an open, collaborative approach leads to amazing results that can benefit students during their time at Mount and beyond.

Counselor Accessibility

We pride ourselves on being available to our students and families whenever – and why-ever – they need us.

This foundation to our communication approach is a significant part of who we are. Reach us by phone, email, or in-person and our help and expertise is there for you, with our undivided attention.

Relationships and Communication

Between us, meaning your family and our counselors, our goal is to build a strong, lasting, and personalized relationship. This isn’t cookie cutter approach – our relationships are based in strong communication.

You’ll hear from us when we need to reach out. We’ll be here when you need us. And in between, you’ll get weekly updates about counseling via the Mount Minute.

Personalized Support

Our counseling team is built around personal relationships with every family, and each counselor has an intentionally small working caseload.

What does this mean for you? We can know you, your student, and your situation better. We can pay attention to what your needs are. And you get better support as your student prepares for the next phases of their education and life.

Commitment to You

When your student meets their counselor for the first time, it’s the beginning of a relationship that will last throughout their time at Mount. 

We stay with our students throughout all four of their high school years, allowing us to get to know them – and you – very well. This, in turn, allows us to personalize our support to their strengths, challenges, goals, and interests.

Resources and Services

School counselors offer the support you need, and it comes in many forms based on what best fits you and your student. Informational nights, workshops, and resources happen throughout the year and if we see one that would be of a particular benefit to your family, we’ll let you know that it’s one you and your student should take part in.

In addition, we can provide referrals to outside services that will benefit your student’s journey with Mount.